Welcome to the Euro Sensual Festival 2024!

Salsa Festival – The Ultimate Celebration of Salsa en linea and Cubana at the Euro Sensual Festival in Düsseldorf

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Salsa at the Euro Sensual Festival in Düsseldorf, your all-in-one experience for Salsa passion. From Amsterdam to Paris, Cologne to Stuttgart and Berlin, this is where Salsa enthusiasts from across Germany and Europe come to celebrate this lively dance. Near to the Cologne Salsa Congress.

Innovative Salsa Workshops
Explore a World of Styles

Dive into our diverse range of Salsa workshops, showcasing everything from the rhythmic Salsa Cubana to the elegant LA Style and energetic New York Style.

These workshops, led by world-class artists, are designed to enhance your skills, whether you're just starting out or seeking advanced techniques.

Breathtaking Salsa Performances and Parties

Be enthralled by spectacular performances from Salsa celebrities such as 4-time world champions Adrian and Anita, and the legendary Johnny Vazquez. Their shows are not just dance; they are a fusion of emotion and exquisite artistry.

Two Glamorous Salsa Gala Nights and a Pre-Work Party

Our two dedicated Salsa dance floors at the Hilton Hotel are the epicenters of the festival. Each floor offers a unique vibe, perfect for dancing the night away to exhilarating Salsa rhythms. This festival's proximity to Cologne fosters an explosive Salsa community.

Full Pass 4 Pros: Tailored for Advanced Salsa Dancers

We are launching the Pro Workshops for the first time in 2024. GUARANTEED advanced dance level for highly skilled dancers and dance instructors in either Bachata OR Salsa, or both styles.The Full Pass 4 Pros at Euro Sensual Festival is exclusively designed for advanced Salsa dancers.

Enjoy 10 specially designed workshops over Saturday and Sunday, focusing on advanced techniques and styles. These sessions provide an intense, focused training experience, ensuring each participant maximizes their learning potential.

What connects three different dance styles? Dancing!

The Euro Sensual Festival is more than just a Salsa Festival; it's a place for EVERYONE who also loves Bachata or Kizomba and appreciates variety in one weekend. We invite you to become part of this fantastic salsa world and to improve your own skills in our exclusive salsa workshops. Let yourself be inspired and swept away by the energy of this wonderful place at the Hilton Hotel!"


The Euro Sensual Festival is not just a Salsa Festival; it's a destination where you can immerse yourself in the diversity and vitality of Salsa. Join us and become part of this amazing Salsa universe. Get inspired and let the energy of this special place at the Hilton Hotel sweep you off your feet!