Welcome to the Euro Sensual Festival 2024!

Kizomba Festival
Experience the Essence of Kizomba at Euro Sensual in Düsseldorf

Step into the captivating world of Kizomba at the Euro Sensual Festival in Düsseldorf, the premier destination for Kizomba enthusiasts from across Europe. From the classic grace of Kizomba to the contemporary vibes of Urban Kiz, this festival showcases the rich diversity of Kizomba, resonating with dancers from cities like Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Amsterdam, and beyond.

Kizomba Classic
Embracing the Traditional Dance

Delve into Kizomba Classic, a dance filled with elegance and deep cultural roots. Our workshops, led by seasoned instructors, will guide you through the graceful steps and soulful rhythms, allowing you to connect authentically with this traditional style.

Albir rojas, Tony Pirata, Dwe & Gaby and many more will help you to explore the newest leadings in your favourite dance.

Kizomba Fusion and Urban Kiz: The Modern Beat

Explore the dynamic and innovative styles of Kizomba Fusion and Urban Kiz. These contemporary interpretations bring a fresh, energetic twist to Kizomba, making them popular favorites at parties and social gatherings.

Tarraxinha: The Intimate Dance of Connection

Experience Tarraxinha, the intimate and sensual variant of Kizomba known for its slow, deliberate movements. Our specialized workshops will introduce you to this captivating style, focusing on connection, body control, and expression.

World-Class Artists and Performances

We're excited to host renowned Kizomba artists like Albir Rojas, Dwe & Gaby, Tony Viser, and Carla. These gifted dancers will grace our festival with their extraordinary workshops and breathtaking performances, showcasing their unique styles and techniques.

Two Vibrant Kizomba Dance Floors on the 3 nights

The Euro Sensual Festival offers two dedicated Kizomba dance floors, inviting you to dance the night away. Whether you're a fan of classic Kizomba or eager to try modern variants, our dance floors provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.

3 dance styles - THE ALL IN ONE EXPERIENCE

The Euro Sensual Festival in Düsseldorf is more than a Kizomba Festival; it's a fusion of cultures and styles, a place where passion for dance unites us all. Join our diverse Kizomba community and immerse yourself in a festival that inspires and ignites your dance passion. We look forward to welcoming you to our celebration of Kizomba, a dance that transcends borders and brings people together from all corners of Europe.