Welcome to the Euro Sensual Festival 2024!

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Scope of Application

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to the purchase of all ticket types for the Euro Sensual Festival.

By purchasing a ticket or Full Pass for the Euro Sensual Festival, a contract is formed between the buyer and the organizer. This contract is subject to the provisions of these GTC.

Acceptance of the GTC

By purchasing a ticket or Full Pass, the buyer automatically and without exception accepts these GTC.

Organizer Information

The Euro Sensual Festival is organized by Euphoria Events | C. Gedecke. The festival takes place at the Hilton Hotel in Düsseldorf.

Reservations, Cancellations, and Transfers

Online ticket reservations are made via TicketPay, for which their terms and conditions and GDPR apply. Tickets personally purchased at day and evening box offices are binding and non-transferable.

Payment Methods

Tickets can be paid for via all valid methods through TicketPay. Tickets become valid upon full payment within the specified period. The buyer bears any resulting fees.

By purchasing the ticket, you confirm that you are over 18 years old and that you have not purchased the ticket on behalf of another person.

Shipping and Risk of Ticket Loss: The tickets are shipped at the customer's risk. The organizers are not liable for the loss of tickets during shipping. The customer is responsible for taking appropriate measures to ensure the safe receipt of the tickets. If the tickets are lost in transit or do not reach the customer, the organizer cannot be held responsible and there is no claim for replacement of the tickets or refund of the ticket price.

Refund for Non-Participation

By purchasing a ticket or a FullPass for the Euro Sensual Festival, you explicitly agree that you have read and understood the cancellation and refund conditions. According to § 312g para. 2 no. 9 BGB, tickets are generally excluded from the right of withdrawal. Purchased tickets and FullPasses for the Euro Sensual Festival are also excluded from the right of withdrawal. Tickets are non-transferable; only the person for whom the ticket is personalized may use the ticket (unless a ticket insurance called "Flex Dance" has been booked). Furthermore, there is explicitly no entitlement to a ticket exchange or cancellation for the following reasons: divorce, illness, work, travel, death, etc.

If flexibility is important to you, we offer a special ticket insurance called "Flex Dance" that you can purchase during the ordering process. The option of ticket insurance: Flex Dance allows you to transfer the ticket to another person (only ONCE possible) for the festival of the respective year or to use it ONCE for the festival in the following year. This regulation does not apply to hotel bookings and other costs incurred in connection with the festival (these are not covered by Flex Dance). A refund of the purchase price is also excluded with Flex Dance.

If you are unable to attend the festival and wish to utilize the Flex Dance option, you must inform us in writing no later than 8 PM on October 11, 2024. This can be done either by email to [email protected] or through the contact form on our website. The Flex Ticket expires at the start of the event on October 11, 2024, at 8 PM. Any claims for the Flex option after this time on October 11, 2024, will not be valid. There will be no exceptions.

The Flex Ticket expires at the start of the event on October 11, 2024, at 8:00 PM. Any claims for the Flex option after 8:00 PM on October 11, 2024, will have NO validity. No exceptions will be made.

Pickup and Use of Tickets

Tickets can be purchased on-site, subject to availability. The purchaser is responsible for the proper storage of the ticket. The organizer is not liable for lost tickets and does not provide replacement tickets. Misuse, copying, or alteration of the tickets is prohibited. By using the ticket, the user accepts the house rules of the Hilton Hotel in Düsseldorf. All pass forms are issued as control wristbands on-site. These must be worn throughout the entire festival and presented on demand. Removed or cut wristbands lose their validity. Replacement wristbands are not provided.

The festival organizer verifies the identity of the festival visitor when checking the tickets. If you cannot present a valid identification document, security is entitled to deny you access to the festival. Valid identification documents include an ID card, passport, or driver's license. Copies will not be accepted. If you are caught with a forged identification document, this will be treated as identity fraud and you will be denied entry to the festival. You may also face criminal consequences.

Event Cancellation, Changes, Refunds

Changes to the program (dance teachers, workshops, shows, etc.) are reserved. Modification of Workshop Schedule: The Salsa Festival reserves the right to modify the workshop schedule at its own discretion. Changes will be communicated in advance whenever possible. The festival cannot be held liable for resulting inconveniences or claims. Artist Cancellations: The Salsa Festival reserves the right to make changes to the artist lineup, including artist cancellations. These changes will be announced in a timely manner whenever possible. Any financial claims by participants due to artist cancellations are excluded.

"Pandemic" addition: In case the festival cannot take place due to authorities' directives, participants will be offered options for refund or transferring their tickets to next year's event, as communicated on the website and via email. Participants must choose one of the offered options within 14 days after the festival's cancellation, or their entitlement to a refund will expire. Personal reasons such as illness or requirements from employers on the participant, or travel restrictions within Germany imposed by governments and authorities, do not justify a claim for ticket return and refund. During the period of official pandemic restrictions, the following applies: If individual parts of the event are canceled due to official regulations or economic considerations of the organizer, the ticket remains valid and can be used for the festival the following year. This also applies to all situations caused by force majeure.

Limitation of Liability

The registrant and all participants acknowledge that neither the organizer nor the Hilton Hotel Düsseldorf are liable for damages or injuries. Attendance at the workshops and evening events is at your own risk. The organizer is liable for damages caused by his vicarious agents only in the event of intent and gross negligence. For claims for damages in the hotel and catering area, the Hilton Hotel Düsseldorf is the contact. No success is guaranteed for the teaching content.

The festival organizer is not liable for damage, theft, or accidents to vehicles or persons on the official festival parking lots. These parking lots are always used at your own risk.

Terms and Conditions for Event Participation

By purchasing tickets for the Euro Sensual Festival, ticket buyers accept the unrestricted compliance with the requirements and rules communicated by the organizers, established for the safe execution of the event. These guidelines and conditions are outlined in the venue regulations.

Guest Eviction: The Salsa Festival reserves the right to evict guests or ticket buyers from the festival if they violate the established venue regulations. Upon the first violation, the guest will receive a friendly warning from the festival team. In case of repeated violations, the festival team reserves the right to remove the guest from the festival premises. In such cases, there is no entitlement to a refund of the ticket purchase price. In particular, ticket buyers commit to adhering at all times and to the fullest extent to any partner change prohibition during the event, if mandated by authorities. Concurrently, they release the organizers from any responsibility for individual misconduct. Ticket buyers pledge to comply with all hygiene regulations communicated by the organizers, especially in the event of renewed COVID-19 measures. Ticket buyers agree that, in the event of infection during the event, their contact information will be provided to the relevant authorities upon request for contact tracing purposes.

Room Limitations and Safety Regulations

1. The organizer reserves the right to close individual party rooms for an indefinite period should the capacity of a room be exceeded for safety reasons or due to directives from the regulatory authority and the fire department. 2. In such cases, the organizer endeavors to provide guests with alternative party rooms, however, cannot guarantee that these will offer the same musical or thematic content as the original room. 3. A temporary closure of a party room due to overcrowding does not entitle a refund of the admission fee or any compensation. The guest expressly acknowledges this when purchasing a ticket and waives any claims in this regard.

Photography / Video Recordings / Copyright

Photos and videos are taken during the Euro Sensual Festival. These recordings can be published, used for promotional and advertising purposes, or resold for commercial purposes. By registering for the Euro Sensual Festival, the customer agrees to the free publication. Own recordings are only allowed during the last five minutes of a workshop. In case of violation, a fee of 300,- € is levied. The organizer can also demand existing material. In the event of repeated violations, a visitor can be excluded from the festival. All usage rights of photo and video material remain with the organizer.

Liability for the Wardrobe

The festival provides a wardrobe, the use of which is voluntary and at your own risk. The organizers and their staff are not liable for loss, damage, or theft of items stored in the wardrobe. Valuables should not be stored in the wardrobe. The wardrobe is only accessible during official opening hours. Items not collected after closing are considered lost property. By using the wardrobe, visitors agree to these liability conditions.

Other Regulations

Smoking is prohibited in the event rooms.

Drinks, food, shoes, and bags are only allowed during workshop hours from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Outside of these times, they must be left at the cloakroom. After 7:00 PM, all bags will be removed from the rooms and can be collected at the entrance area.

Legal Venue

The place of jurisdiction is Düsseldorf.

Organizer Information

Euphoria Events | C. Gedecke
Speditionstr. 21
40221 Düsseldorf